While the app is no longer in service, you can still scroll down to learn about what Spotting! was and how it worked when it was active.

Thank you to everyone who used Spotting! <3 Lindsey

Go wherever the flow takes you with Spotting!

Getting your period is a pain — especially when you're unprepared. Have you been at the gym or coffee shop when that “time of the month” hits and you don't have any supplies on hand? Don’t panic — Spotting! is here to get you the help you need.

Spotting! is a location-based application that lets users ask other people in their area for menstrual hygiene products. You can submit requests to let nearby Spotters know you need a helping hand, or you can check the map to see if there's anyone you can assist.

Periods are a pain, so let's work together to make them hurt a little less.

Submit Requests

Need a tampon, pad, or liner? Submit a request to let nearby Spotters know you could use some help.

There's no login or sign-up process: all it takes it a few taps and your request is ready to be answered.

See When People Around You Need Help

See a request in your area? If you've got what they need, you can help them out of a tough spot.

Click on the map marker to see the details of a request: what the user wants, where they are, and what they look like.

Get Notified

Don't worry about having the app open all the time!

Spotting! will send you a notification when you are near an open request.

About The Creator

Lindsey is developer in the Bay Area who created Spotting! because she wants to help make periods a little less uncomfortable. You can learn more about Lindsey and her other projects at

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